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Our Warranty

The guarantee below covers the sealed unit and the blind mechanism. The magnetic operators are not included within this guarantee and replacements for lost parts are available to purchase by contacting us.

Subject to the following exclusions the Company undertakes to repair or replace free of charge any defective materials or workmanship within 10 years from the date of installation.

Any repair work carried out or replacement unit supplied within the 10 year guarantee period under the terms of the Company’s Guarantee will also be covered by the Guarantee, but only for the remainder of the Guarantee period. The Company accepts no liability in respect of the following:

(a) damage due to accident, storm, flood, neglect, misuse, faults or premature deterioration which results from the Purchaser’s failure to comply with the Company’s maintenance instructions;
(b) the failure of the installation to reduce or eliminate condensation.
(c) damage resulting from subsidence due to soil shrinkage underground or mine working;
(d) damage or deterioration in the product arising out of normal wear and tear.

We guarantee to repair, or at our discretion, replace free of charge any Prime Integral Blinds unit which develops a fault due to defective materials or construction, provided written notice is given within the guarantee period. This does not apply to minor imperfections in the glass within visual standards laid down by the Glass and Glazing federation. This does not include breakages or scratching unless reported within 48 hours of installation. Excludes consequential loss.

No guarantee is given concerning the prevention or reduction of condensation (except between the glass of sealed units) nor does our guarantee extend to damage or fault due to accident, misuse or neglect. This guarantee is given in addition to all your statutory rights under Common Law and Statute.

This guarantee relates to the Purchaser detailed and is non-transferable. (This clause can be reversed) terms and conditions apply.

We guarantee to replace free of charge any Prime Integral Blinds product installed by the Company which fails to operate as intended or develops condensation or fogging between the glass of the sealed units as a result of water ingress for a period of no longer than 10 years after the commencement date for the failure of the hermetical seals.

No guarantee is given concerning the prevention or reduction of condensation on the outside faces of the sealed unit. Nor does our guarantee extend to faults associated with water ingress resulting from broken or cracked glass or other faults due to accident, misuse, tamper or neglect.

If the Purchaser sells the property, the Company will on request transfer the unexpired portion of the Guarantee to the new owner, provided that the request has been made prior to sale and the installation has not been neglected or misused. The Company may ask to inspect the property prior to agreeing the transfer. The Company reserves the right to charge the Purchaser a transfer fee, which is currently set at £350 inclusive of VAT. The Company reserves the right to increase this fee.